Mike Moran, Managing Director of Cassidy Turley, tells a compelling story of how today's collaborative, non-hierarchical workplace influences office style. Recently, Moran hired two collegiate interns to "scrub" a contact list. In a traditional arrangement, Moran had given each intern his own cubicle, land line, and computer. Within hours, the hulking young men were huddled in one cubicle. Using their own cell phones, laptops, and websites "you've never heard of", the interns secured contact names, addresses, hobby and interests information, etc. for the contacts. According to Moran, the interns accomplished more in one week than the single employee who'd spent six months on the task. Moran likened this style of working to Twitter's notion of  'benching'; employees pull up a chair--any chair--to a table. There's little hierarchy, no corner office, and no privacy. The upshot? A smiling Moran says his next hires will be "hungry Gen Y-ers who know the true meaning of collaboration".  


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