Last year I received a panicked call from a twenty-three year-old who had been hired as an assistant property manager in a commercial high-rise.  Armed with a college degree, she'd already spent six mundane months answering telephone calls as a receptionist. Now, she'd been offered a chance to move into property management. It was all good until the head property manager stayed home sick and a broker called to request a tour in the building. Dutifully, the assistant unlocked the vacant suite. Peppered with questions from the prospective tenant, the assistant found herself speechless. She called me later that day. "Could I recommend a class?" Local schools offer loads of classes on theoretical real estate principles, but practical classes? Tough to find. Broker trainees can be hired into a formal training program or taken under an experienced broker's wing. For those in property management--whose leasing responsibilites are more peripheral--most rely on experience. Sometimes embarrassing experience, like the assistant's. I'm wondering what short cuts, if any, new employees can take to accelerate their leasing skills? Is it mostly dependent on a good mentor?


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